Meet Safe Haven


Safe Haven Thoroughbred Rescue was formed by Katherine Goldenberg, a life-long equestrian, in order to provide an emphasis on the true nature of her farm’s desire to rescue, rehabilitate, provide adoption and sanctuary to horses.

Kate is well known not only in Bucks County, Pennsylvania but also in the world of horses. Kate is the owner and founder of Safe Haven Equine, a separate entity which provided the following services:

  • Rescue
  • Rehab
  • Sanctuary
  • Boarding
  • Lessons
  • Breeding
  • Breaking
  • Training

In addition, as an instructor and participant in show, fox hunting, polo, eventing, pleasure, and a licensed thoroughbred trainer, she has a unique perspective which assists her with placing horses in successful new careers.

Her 53 years of experience have enabled her to train award winning horses, educate children through visits and field trips, as well as assist volunteers and helpers in rehabilitating their own lives through working on the farm and caring for horses.

In 2017, Kate received the Award of Merit from the Thoroughbred Charities of America for her long term dedication to the field.

While Safe Haven Thoroughbred Rescue is just beginning, Kate’s experience in the industry is well established.

A Safe Haven for Horses and People

Safe Haven Thoroughbred Rescue was established as a 501(c)(3) in 2020. The focus is to assist with the successful transition from life as a race horse, or any horse in search of a home, to a prosperous second career.

We act as a rescue, rehabilitation, adoption center, and sanctuary for all horses. Horses that come through our facility are protected for life. Through daily operation we promote the healing benefits of interactions between horses and the community.

Each horse that enters the facility is assessed as an individual. The horse is let down, rehabilitated, ridden and/or evaluated for a second career. Honest descriptions of each horse’s needs are provided to potential adopters. Horses that are not adopted are provided with sanctuary.   

The rescue is staffed by volunteers from the community. It is these volunteers, farm staff, many adopters and all of our animals that form our interwoven family. We discover inspiration in following each horse that enters our facility and their impact on those they interact with throughout their journey.